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How to Give Your Kitten a Merry and Very Healthy Holiday

Make your kitten's holiday a healthy and happy one with these seasonally smart tips.

Decking the Halls
A naturally curious and energetic kitten will be intrigued by shiny, dangling decor- especially since many decorations look like toys. Keep her safe and avoid tempting her by decorating your tree only on upper branches. Use only unbreakable decorations that won't splinter or shatter if broken and that are too big to be swallowed. Be aware that the small metal hooks used to hang decorations can be a hazard, too. As can tinsel: the thin strands can cause serious intestinal distress if ingested. Keep holiday light strands out of harm's way as well. At Assiniboia Animal hospital we frequently get calls to remove strange objects.

The Christmas Tree Cover Up
Water that keeps a Christmas tree fresh can be a hidden danger. Some tree saps are toxic, as are the chemicals often used to make trees last. Not to mention the bacteria that can grow in standing water. Keep your kitten out of harm's way by covering the base with a tree skirt that's not easily removed by inquisitive paws.

All the Trimmings
Gift wrap strewn around the floor poses quite a temptation for a rambunctious kitten. Clean up right after unwrapping-especially ribbons, Styrofoam and packing peanuts, as they can be a danger if swallowed. A gift ribbon tied on a kitten's neck may make for a sweet photo op, but can also be a choking hazard.

Party Cat
A houseful of people can be stressful to a kitten not used to company. Your young feline will benefit from especially vigorous play times before guests arrive; the exercise can be a de-stresser and tire out a kitten before the main event. A scaredy cat will more than likely find a place to hide during a party, like under a bed or in a closet, and small kittens can easily get stuck in tight places. You also want to prevent any opportunity for her escaping accidently with the stream of people entering and exiting your home. For peace of mind, you may need to keep her in a separate room until guests are gone. In any case, your kitten should wear up-to-date ID tags and be microchipped when you know your home will experience a lot of traffic.

Stick to the usual routine
Your schedule may be topsy-turvy, but your kitten`s shouldn`t be. As much as possible, stick to regular meal times., which will provide a sense of stability during an often hustle-bustle time. Remember to make sure to squeeze in extra quality time together, without the extended family, so your kitten doesn`t feel left out of the holiday fun.

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