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Dr. Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz was born in South Africa and spent the first 10 years of his career in Africa caring for a wide range of animals, in addition to domestic and farm animals, he was  able to help and treat various wild animals including zebra’s, cheetahs, monkeys and other local wildlife .

A challenging experience occurred when he had to help retrieve a barbeque fork from the stomach of a circus crocodile who had swallowed it at feeding time. (ask him to tell you about it).

He has made Winnipeg his home for the last 35 years where he has  a wife three adult children, and season tickets to the Jets.

He has run Assiniboia Animal Hospital for 31 years and loves his work.

Dr Frank Nichols

An appointment with Dr Nichols is the embodiment of kindness and experience.

Frank owns and tends to dogs , cats , lambs and chickens.